Q: Which municipality is the 13th in NJ to require its private employers to provide paid sick leave to employees?  

A:  On September 14, 2016, Morristown, NJ passed an ordinance requiring its private employers to provide paid sick time to employees. The ordinance takes effect on October 4, 2016.  It is very similar to paid sick leave ordinances adopted by 12 other New Jersey municipalities – employers must provide employees with up to 40 hours of paid sick time per year, to be used in connection with either the employee’s own medical condition or to care for a family member, as defined in the ordinance. The Morristown law applies to private employers, regardless of size, although employers that employ fewer than 10 employees may cap paid sick leave at 24 hours per calendar year (exception - child care, home health care, and food service employees must be entitled to up to 40 hours of paid sick time per calendar year, even if employed by a small employer). Also, the requirements of the ordinance do not apply to employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement that, by its terms, unambiguously waives the requirements. Paid sick time is accrued at the rate of 1 hour for every 30 hours worked.

 For more specifics on the Morristown law, click here. 

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