New Jersey’s Earned Sick Leave Act went into effect on October 29, 2018 (final regulations and amendments went into effect in 2020). It applies to just about every private employer and employee in New Jersey!

What employers are covered? There is no exemption for employer size. All NJ employers must provide sick leave benefits except public employers that are otherwise required to provide sick leave benefits. 

Out-of-state employers must provide paid sick leave to its employees who work in New Jersey.

What employees are covered?  All NJ employees working “for compensation” are covered except employees in the construction industry employed under a collective bargaining agreement, per diem healthcare employees and public employees who already have sick leave benefits. Part time employees, interns, and temporary emplyees are covered.

Employees who work both within and outside of NJ are entitled to the benefits provided by the Act if they routinely perform work in NJ and their base of operations, or the place from which their work is directed/controlled, is in NJ.


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